Snapdragon Designs Ltd.

est. 2011

Couture Fine Silver

A very special collection of my handcrafted jewelry features silver with the highest silver content possible: 99.9% silver.

It's called fine silver.

And I hand-forge & texturize

each link of it.


This isn't just jewelry.

Okay, it IS jewelry...

But it's completely unique. So you can find a piece that is completely you.


Vintage pocketwatch parts, bus tokens, stencils, and antique keys up to over a century old.

These are some of {my favorite things} and the components of my steampunk jewelry designs.

Because real vintage makes a difference.


Traditional to Surprising

My designs can run the gamut from simple with traditional freshwater pearls, Swarokski crystals and sterling silver, to jeweled watch gears and clock hands.

But each is made to be

a design that is completely you.