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Snapdragon Designs Ltd.

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I created Snapdragon Designs Ltd. in 2011, although I had been creating jewelry for friends and family for years. I expanded my creative outlet into a small business catering to St. Louis area art & craft fairs, my Etsy storefront and of course, right here, on my website.  


I employ the highest quality materials, from sterling silver to Swarovski crystals, as well as quirky accents –like antique keys, watch gears & bus tokens– to make my unique designs. Shop the various collections, ranging from traditional to steampunk, and find something that matches who you are.


Or if you want something even more tailored to your personality or even a particular outfit, commision a design. Contact me and I will work with you to create the design you envision.

My Story

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From steampunk to traditional...

I have two collections for my handcrafted jewelry: steampunk and traditional.

The steampunk designs feature vintage watch parts, bus tokens, antique keys and other found objects. These pieces, although inticate and intriguing, are often beyond their original use, so I enjoy bringing them back to life in wearable art.

The traditional collection focuses on more customary "ingredients". These designs are comprised of Swarovski crystals, semi-precious stones, freshwater pearls, fine and sterling silver.